What is the KOF Anthology?

The King Of Fighters Anthology is a fighting game screenpack/compilation/fullgame made with/for M.U.G.E.N™ by Duracelleur.

"M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine that is enables you to create commercial-quality fighting games. Almost everything can be customized, from individual characters to stages, as well as the look and feel of the game." 

With most playable characters and stages made and inspired by the gold age of SNK sprite-works from KOF 94 to Neogeo Battle Coliseum.

KOFA 3rd version is not just a simple compilation. Almost 2 crazy years of seeking and digging about everything done in kof sprited style in Mugen.
720p screenpack designed by myself (same structure as the MMV one (wide menu and 4/3 fights)).
673 characters and 250 classified stages. Each character has been worked, edited, improved (with a simplified gameplay, 4 buttons easy combos and specials/hypers frenzy) in order to have the most complete homogeneous game.


Characters, original authors :
1%, 119way, 19tyou, 4LUC4RD H3L§!NG, Aa250, Adamskie, AddiK, Adrianares, Adriano, Ahuron, Aiduzzi, Ainotenshi, Akkin, A-Kue , Ale, Alexlexus, Ali, Ambasa, Amzak, Andre Marques, Angke, Anhell, Aoba, Aomura, Aoshi24, Aragan, Ark, Arkady, Bad Darkness, Baian Fujieda, Baikunori, BAL, BaseJin, Bat, Bathtub, Bdc, Belial, Beppu, Black, BlackSnow, Blue Blood, Blue-eyes, bml29, Boryema, Bosouvy, BUG¾øÔµ¿á×Ð, Cadavelico, Calcio911, ChangKrausar, chenLY2001, Chin-ya, Chuchoryu, Cirio, Clarens , ClaudiaProgramII, Claudio Ricci, Clayton, CrossCat, Crucifix, Cwdevine, D, DA, Daimonmau, DanMT, DanteAkashiya, Dark, Dark Rider, Darkgirl, DarkMiguel, DarkVista, David Bazbar, David Demianoff, Dick Buckus, Diego Sanches, Diegoni, DivineWolf, DJ Xtool, Dj-TuGa-b0y, DLS, DMSderProgamer, D-N, DñO, Doko, Don Drago, DoomedMan, Duck@ss, Edogawa Inpo, E-FRY, El Solo, Elecbyte, EMU-win, Eros_MX, EternalBliss, Evil Orochi, EX&JE, Ex-Inferis, Falchion22, Faye, Fervicante, Fishbed, Fixxxer, Flowrallia, FTB, FZL-MGCool, Gabiru, Gargoyle, Garyu, Genmaken, German, Glasses, GMSpectre, God-Aztec, GoDRyu, GONZO-, Gorori, Gray Shuma, Grid, Grox, Gullon, GURI, Gurin Sanda, H.A.L.L., Hh, Hanma, Hannah Montana, Heidern, heil73=), HELL, Hiram Yagami, Hiro Hiro, Hirohiro, hlhho, Hloader, HM, HNK-Team, hoe2, Human Human, ihoo1836, Ikaruga, Infinite, Ironmugen, Ivanchito, Jarrot, JFCT555, Jin, Jin Kazama, Jjong1917, JonathanS, Joseph, JozoTheBoogey, JuanABL, Juanxoc, Juke Kisaragi, Junior Chillage, JWH, K.O.D, K3nShiN, Ka2obushi, Kain The Supreme, Kaisami, Kalumon, Kamekaze, KamranBernstein, Kaos, Kayui UMA, Kempachi-mx, Kenshiro99, Kesenai Tsumi, KGenjuro, Kibunnyakarasu, Kill, Kira Takanashi, Kirishima16, Koffab, KOFZ Team, KOMW Team, KoopaKoot, Kotori, Kriz, Kyll, Kyoyagami, K-Z, Larno, Lash, Le@n, Lifeend, Likun, Liquid Snake, listening, Lucas, LunaTuna, LZKOO, M.M.R., M3, Mage, Manish Sen, Master Saga, Maximillian J[E]nus, MDK, Mengbin9, Men's Club, Metal Warrior, Metroker, MICROmor, Mike, Misamu, Misamu K Young, Misogi, Morinonaka, Mouser, Mr.Karate, Mr.S, Mr.X-file, MUGEN Hunter, Mugen ITF, Mugen Zone, MugenChinaTeam, Mugeningan, Mugenpixart Team, MyMugen, N.A.P., N64Mario, NAE, Nanda, Nao&M, NAO&T-K, Navetsea, Nekome, NHK, NiO, Noel, NoiseLow, NS, NSX-R, NucLeon, Nyankoro, Nyoibou, O Ilusionista, Okachanman, Oni-Miko, On-Off, Opirus, Orochi Dark Cloud , Orochi Herman, OrochiKOF97, Oscar12345, Pablo Perry, PJM, Proto, P-tan, Ptzptz7, QAZ, Rabz, Raisu, Randy, Raposo, RBGarcia, Reginukem, Rei, Reifi, Reisol, Ricardo Omar, RiCCochet, Rick Pk, Rikard, Rin, Rislim, RMX, Roks, Roque, RYO 2005, Ryoga, Ryon, Ryuu, S.Y.D, Sai Jack, SaintDream, Sander71113, Sarielp3, Sasoro, Sati, Sb, Sba, SeanAltly, SeiyaDivin, Sekirei, Shammahalfa1, Shichibukai, Shin Dio, Shin Yagami, Shinriyo, Shoe, Shunchain, Siegfried8823, Skhsato123, smhungary89, Smoke, Soyokaze, Squall, SSkye, Stephengi, Sweater, TAChan, Tecla2000, Terric, TESTP, The KJ, The Lord of Flies, The MvC Champ, The Raven Effect, The Red Cloak, The Supremes, Thedge, TheNightWalker-Le@n, TightRiam, Tin, TKU, Tokage, Tokia, Tonos, Tony ADV, Tora, Trinitronity, Tux, TypaA, Tyron, Vans, Vegeth1985, Wangshop2008, Wara, Warune, Werewood, win0dds, Wing Syo, Winodds, Wise, Wk, Wllian, Wou, Xemnas, xxxXx, Y&M, Yagami, Yaten, Yokurei, YoungZac, Yuki, Yumehiko, Zaiko, Zavala, Zayro, Zelgadis, Zenjidoh, Zherg, Zion Kirishima, Ziron, Zolagun, Zy5678.

Stages, original authors :
Cirio, Claudio Toxi, Cosumo, Jam, Juan Carlos, KSzsk, Kung Fu Man, M.M.R., MadkaT, Madkat, Matmut, Misamu, Mr.X-file, Noah, Nyankoro, R.o.q.u.e, RYO 2005, Shammahalfa1, Wuwo, Zain574.

Portraits, original authors :
Orochy Dark Kyo (http://orochidarkkyo.deviantart.com/)
Topdog4815 (http://topdog4815.deviantart.com/)
Hes6789 (http://hes6789.deviantart.com/)
Emmakof (http://emmakof.deviantart.com/)
HipsterSakazaki (http://hipstersakazaki.deviantart.com/)
Dienivanskof (http://dienivanskof.deviantart.com/)
Grox (http://groxkof.deviantart.com/)
G305 (http://g305.deviantart.com/)
Elocomon (http://elocomon.deviantart.com/)

Special thanks :
All the authors, creators, coders, spriters above-mentioned.
Elecbyte (where are you now??).
SNK, Capcom, Sunsoft, Data East, Atlus, Midway, Jaleco, ADK, Namco, Tecmo, Sega, Nintendo, Activision, Bandai, Konami, Visco, Psikyo, etc.
Mr Infinite, the only one who gave me the keys to mugen editing and coding (http://infiniteff.forumotion.com/).
Contributors : My compadre Electrocaid and his great museum (he got 99,99% of what you need) (http://dsarena.free.fr/Forum/), Cadiaco82 on FB who dug, found and shared some "private" characters, and also commisioned some brand new faces. Ramon Garcia and guys on his FB group helped a lot too (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MugenDownloadLinksAndShareRamonGarcia/).